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Why choose us?

In an uncertain world, insurance is critical to protect your assets and property against unexpected occurrences. The trick is to craft an insurance policy that provides realistic protection for your life’s activities with coverage and premiums that are appropriate for you.


Insurance is a complex business. Not only is an insurance policy a complicated legal contract, but there can be a baffling array of policy opinions, coverage levels, and special provisions, all of which require considerable skill to select and integrate. However this also means that insurance policies can be carefully tailored to suit each situation. It takes a skillful and experienced agent to craft a policy that provides appropriate coverage for each individual’s unique needs at an affordable price.


An insurance agent should also help you to understand what is and what is not covered, the trade-offs for various levels or types of coverage, and other factors necessary for you to make informed decisions about your insurance.


While price is always important, choosing an insurance agency should be based on more. For example, who can help you locally if you have a claim? Who is on your side if you have a dispute? Who is there to talk with about restructuring your policy as the needs and situations of your life change?


The Crow Insurance Agency is a dynamic team of insurance professionals, with years of experience working with clients to identify and meet their insurance needs. We pride ourselves on being a full-service agency, with our agents specializing in Business, Farm, Crop, Autos, Home, RV, Motorcycle, Boat, and Life Insurance, and financial products, enabling us to provide an integrated package.


We are known for our dedicated customer service and our personal approach to ensuring that every one of our clients is satisfied with their chosen insurance program.


We are an On Your Side®Certified Agency, which is a certification that is only awarded to agencies that have demonstrated a commitment to truly exceptional customer service. It shows that we are dedicated to providing our clients with the tools to customize their insurance program, to help them understand what’s protected, and that we take the time to explain the products and what they mean.


Beyond the Policy

Helping our clients choose the best insurance program for their situation is just the beginning of our relationship with them. We remain in close contact with our clients, being sure to offer new discounts and programs as they become available, answering any questions and concerns, being their trusted insurance advisor when life dictates the need for changes to their insurance plan, and facilitating the claim process when necessary.