Property Insurance

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Protect your home and yourself with Homeowners Insurance Coverage. Your Crow Insurance Personal Lines Agent will discuss the following coverages and options with you and how to properly protect your home.


Dwelling Coverage- helps protect the structure, built-in appliances and wall-to-wall carpet off your house from damage.

Replacement Cost Plus- can pay an additional amount of your home coverage limit if additional money is needed to rebuild after a loss.

Water Backup of Sewer- this broadens the coverage for loss due to water back up through sewers or drains, or malfunctioning sump pumps.

Scheduled Personal Property Insurance- provides additional coverage for high-value items such as jewelry, watches, antiques, and fine arts.

Other Structures Coverage- this option covers property not attached to your house. This can include a detached garage, gazebo, or pool.

Contents Coverage- protection covering your furniture, clothing, and other items in your home from covered losses.

Personal Liability- consists of bodily injury and property damage. If an accident occurs in or around your home that damages someone or something, personal liability can help pay for the covered damages.

Medical Payments to Others- helps pay for medical or funeral expenses of someone who is injured on your property.

Ordinance or Law Coverage- helps pay to rebuild your house to current building codes after a covered loss.

Earthquake Insurance- this option provides additional coverage due to earthquake damage.

**Flood Insurance- this option protects your house and its contents from flood damages. It is a separate policy from your Homeowners Policy and has its own limits and deductible.

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Condo Insurance
When you own a condominium, you are responsible for what’s inside your condo while the condo association’s master policy typically covers the common areas and physical structures of your buildings. A condo policy will give you coverage for your belongings as well as the personal liability needed for any property owner.

Renters Insurance
Having insurance protection for yourself and your possessions is still very important for those who rent their homes. Renters insurance policies contain personal property coverages and personal liability coverages, and can help provide protection against perils such as fire, smoke damage, theft, and more.