Crop Insurance

Agricultural production is an inherently risky business.  Natural disasters, adverse weather, insect infestations, and plant diseases can severely reduce the yield and quality of a crop, and create the potential for catastrophic losses resulting over a widespread area.


Crop insurance is a risk management tool that is used to put a safety net on farm income.  In times of low production and low revenue prices, crop insurance enables farm families to meet their financial obligations, both business and personal, and helps the survival of the farm business.


The crop insurance specialists at the Crow Insurance Agency can assist farmers and other agricultual producers in developing a crop insurance policy that can accomplish any or all of the following:


-Protect against crop or production perils, including disaster events

-Improve and promote market profitability

-Help leverage cash flow, credit arrangements, or both

-Establish or guarantee a minimum , "floor", level of production revenue

-Provide finance reassurance by contract for producer and producer's family


Our crop insurance agents have extensive farming and producing experience and are ready to discuss your options and opportunities for a crop policy, including electing to purchase Crop-Hail policies from private insurers or a policy from the federal crop insurance program. 


Contact us today and see how a crop insurance policy can help assure a productive future in farming!