Long Term Care (LTC) Essentials

As the population ages and more people live longer with chronic conditions, the demand for long-term care services will rise dramatically. Long-term care is the help people need when disabilities or illnesses restrict or prevent them from performing life’s basic tasks such as bathing or cooking. Depending upon the person’s condition, long-term care may be provided in the home by family or paid caregivers, in adult daycare programs, or in residential settings, such as assisted living facilities or nursing homes.

Long-term care insurance is designed to provide individuals with the extra, personal assistance they may need to help maintain their quality of life. 

Chances are, you’ll need long-term care at some point.  The majority of us will.  Did you know……


  • 70% of Americans 65 and older will require long-term care
  • Among people needing long-term care, 43% are under age 65
  • Health insurance does not cover the costs of long-term care
  • More than 50% of all long-term care services are provided in the home, with 2013 average costs of $43,680 a year
  • 2013 average costs for nursing home care was $90,520/year and the costs continue to grow

Planning for your LTC needs now can help you stay in control and protect what is important to you.  Nationwide Insurance’s CareMatters product can help you take control of the many different facets of long-term care.

Features of CareMatters:

  • Care does not need to be provided by a licensed health care professional
  • Premiums are guaranteed never to increase
  • No “Use it or Lose It” risk, since CareMatters has a guaranteed return of premium if you choose to cancel the policy and not receive benefits.
  • Guaranteed death benefit to your beneficiary, even when you use all the LTC benefits.
  • Indemnity-style structure, so after qualifying for benefits, you receive a check each month for the full amount of your monthly LTC benefit. 
  • No need to submit monthly bills or receipts!   Any money you don’t need for care expenses can be used as you choose.

There are additional benefits that come with a CareMatters policy, so please contact us and check out the following website:  http://ltcbasics.nationwide.com