Long Term Care (LTC) Essentials

As the population ages and more people live longer with chronic conditions, the demand for long-term care services will rise dramatically. Long-term care is the help people need when disabilities or illnesses restrict or prevent them from performing life’s basic tasks such as bathing or cooking. Depending upon the person’s condition, long-term care may be provided in the home by family or paid caregivers, in adult daycare programs, or in residential settings, such as assisted living facilities or nursing homes.

Long-term care insurance is designed to provide individuals with the extra, personal assistance they may need to help maintain their quality of life. 

Chances are, you’ll need long-term care at some point.  The majority of us will.  Did you know……

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A Piece of Advice Regarding Scheduled Equipment

After working with Commercial and Agribusiness clients for many years, I’ve found one of the most useful pieces of advice I’ve given is related to Scheduled Equipment.  Scheduled Equipment is considered those large ticket items (skid steers, tractors, fermentation tanks, etc.) that are listed (scheduled) on the insurance policy and have a specific value associated with them. 

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The Value of Team Insurance

Crow Insurance is a group of dynamic, highly knowledgeable licensed agents that have years of experience working with individuals and businesses to fulfill their insurance needs.  We all have our own specialties yet come together as a team to offer our clients a multi-faceted, well organized, and highly knowledgeable approach for insurance protection.

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